About US


LoveThySkin is a skincare line committed to helping melanin-rich skin find its glow. With melanin our priority, we provide a variety of cutting edge formulas and  tools to give your skin a chance to transform beyond its fullest potential. As people of color, it can be exhausting and sometimes frustrating with the lack of inclusivity in the beauty industry.  Our unique magical melanin requires focus, research, and passion.  With an advance mix of science nature and love we are here to transcend and change skin care for melanin rich skin. 


Lovethyskin represents more than just a skincare line. It is a proclamation of self-love,  loving our skin, our flaws, our uniqueness, our insecurities, and everything that makes us the magic we truly are. 


Marcus Brazil is a hairstylist and beauty expert with 15 years of experience in the beauty and fashion industry. As a licensed cosmetologist, and a marketing major  he is passionate about the sciences behind developing products. The studying of skincare was fueled by the lack of melanin rich faces in the industry.  An industry that focuses on a large-scale demographics was only concerned with making as much money as possible.  With this passion Marcus began traveling the world working with chemists to develop the first advanced skincare for melanin-rich skin. 



Our goal is to create an accessible advanced skincare line for people of color. A skincare line that will allow your glow to shine clear and bright.  Skin care is a form of self care, it ignites a positive vibration and sends a positive message when everyone you come in contact with. We want to elevate the black owned shopping experience beyond what anyone can imagine and inspire our people to go for it!  With true passion knowledge science nature and love we are here to introduce to you the beginning of a shift in the beauty world